Merry Christmas to everyone

I really don't have much to do this Christmas, but basically I'm taking this day to be fully rested and prepare myself for the next busy days of my life. I didn't really get anything this Christmas, and this is actually something I've wanted to have for a while now. I kind of just get lost in all of it every year and be greedy to have something or something like that. But this year our family is going through a rough time, and me too. You can't help but realize everything around you, when you don't have to think about all the Christmas things you usually do. How fortunate you are to have everything and everyone around you.
My dad was talking about his life back then when he was young, and how crazy it was, and how halarious it also was. I looked at my brothers and just saw everything. My dad after all these years still ask me if i wanted anything for Christmas and i couldn't even hesitate to think. I thought, nothing, I have everything I've really wanted. None of my brothers are gone, my parents are still here. Even with the bad times, and bad memories, i have alot of great funny memories. I have lead a great life and i'm only 27. I think its nice to really take a deep breath and say I am happy. Because essentially thats what we all want, to be happy. Not to be rich, or be amazing, but because all of that makes you happy. But happiness can be easily gained by just changing your perspective.
I'm not saying to get rid of your hopes and dreams, but to take the time to be happy everynow and then. Its not as hard as we all want it to be. I joked to my mom and said if i could make that gigantic art piece i've been imagining for months, i'll be happy. I don't mean to sound preachy and all but the only thing i'd like to tell people more is to find something that makes you happy, even only for a few minutes, because everyone tends to get too tangled in life. If you can just add a little happyness in between those moments, i think it will count. Merry Christmas everyone I truly luv every single person i have ever met in my life ^_^ PEACE&LUV


Elle said…
I wanna be happy too~~ Let's be happy together! yay positive energy rocks!!~ I am also grateful to have my healthy family and friends. Gifts are nice but over-rated~
Elle said…
oh. also, i love your family.

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