Trying to Move

Well I'm just about to get the whole paper work things settled with the new room mate and the landlord. New Room-mate as in not mine but the one whose replacing me. I'm going to stay with my family for awhile until i find a new place to live at. I have a friend that was offering her place for awhile but I need a place I can stay for a couple of years not months. But who knows I like to keep my options open cause life tends to throw you in many directions. You think you know the road you're on and you notice you're on the wrong interstate and you still have to pay the toll. Anyway I still keep my head up even tho i have a ton of things and so little time to do it all. Still get excited about drawing and thank god i still have that attitude otherwise what else is there to look forward to. I will have some new art works to put up but i'm going to put some of them up on our art group The League of Creations. On that site we'll be doing alot of challenges to keep us drawing. Anyway gotta finish my day off with paper works peace out!


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