I call this one Ultimate

I'm starting to find this type of work boring. I get frustrated that people don't see th detail when i scan it. My work now is so detailed but the computer can't really show all of it. Even if i show my full resolution of the images it is being shown on a monitor that can't really fully show the real size of the image. That bums me out...

I have decided to take a trip to LA on July and maybe at some point i can see the art scene of LA. I need to keep this motivation i have been having and i think taking trips will be a huge help for me. I will also be going back to Philippines in May, but i'm not sure if i can afford to go to Taiwan also =( I'll do my best.

Anyway gotta get back to artworkin cya! PEACE AND LUV! and Happy Holidays!


Helen H said…
This one is really something awesome!!~ Go wings!!~

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