Heey i remember this blog!

Between work, the sites, and my commissions, i haven't been able to go back to this blog. Sry for not updating as much, but i have some stuff for you guys. Since it takes me 2hours to get to the Artschool i have so much time to Write and Draw in the bus. I have done alot of rough pages for comics which is so much fun. I have made some contacts with certain groups and guilds so some progress is being made with OLA. i try not to make a big deal with it for now so i don't jinx it ^^. I just need more people to want to use the forums more.
Anyway i am happy to be drawing so much and getting alot of things to do. Looks like there's a way for me to get noticed in the National Cartoonist Society so i gotta make a good impression. I am hoping to join alot of guilds and groups soon so i can talk to everyone about OLA and how i can make it better based on their experiences.

I am really glad that i can breath right now because in the last few weeks my family has been going through alot of hard stuff, and we can all finally help each other out. I really didn't wanna give up on OLA because it has given back to me alot of positive feeling that gives me a reason to move forward. The power of people just continues to fill my heart. With all the insane stuff that has happened all my life, i sometimes find it hard to believe that i'm here comfortably typing for my own blog. For the longest time i felt that my luck is always short and for 8 years after trying and trying to succeed i felt that i was a part of a joke. I always do this because after thinking that for a short period of time, i look around me and see all the things i am lucky to have. i mean its ridiculous how much computers i have and papers i can use, and artbooks i can look through. Anything i wanna learn is all up on the internet and it goes on and on. Life is definitely great! and i owe it all to my parents for bringing me to Canada.

I think i have dabbled into so many things that the issue usually is not if i can do it or not, but when can i do it. I thank you Internet! and Canada for giving me so much opportunity to do anything i want. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!!


Sheila said…
Glad to hear things are great and a son is thanking instead of blaming their parents for a change. Thanks for checking in!

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