Bring in the faiyah!

I've been working on the Charlie comic because we have this challenge to finish 20 pages by next week or else we wear a dunce cap and put it up on all our avatars. Well its not like complete complete, not inked u kno. Anyway i was taking a break and just realized i should keep up those manga style sketches i've been doing and came up with this stuff. They're not perfect but i'm just happy i did something this fast lol on digital. Anyway just a little quick one peace and luv!


Rene said…
Did you know that I don't use my other blogs anymore thanks to the OLA blog? ;)

Can't wait for Charlie... some of us need closure, dammit!
Madd Sketch said…
i would leave this blog but people are following it now XD i'd feel bad if i just leave it hehe

yes yes charlie will be up soon lol

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