Back Cover! RIP Cory

So I really wanted a cool piece on this book somehow so i decided to put all the crazy stuff on the back of the box. Both the front and back of the actual cover has artwork too but the back box is a little different. I'm trying to make the wings symmetrical but i think i'll definitely give up when i do my tech designs on it lol.

I'm still at the same time working on OLA business because there's like constant work that it needs to go through (gosh i wish someone can help me code >.<). But i am happy with its progress, and the people i'm working with to make this dream come true are like just amazing people. We're trying to do a OLAtv that helps promote people's upcoming projects and work they're putting up. We're basically building a site full of content that you can gain from. And when i'm happy with it, everyone will have a better chance in Ontario Canada to be a respectable artist. The idea that when you work hard, it pays off, is the thought i want from every artist.
As for me, i know i've been on a tangent on my situation but i'm working towards pushing for everything to work out. This book definitely got my frustration out and now everytime i look at the book i get all happy XD.

I wanna say Rest In Peace Cory Aquino. I wanna say something really great about her but what's great about her is that everyone has already said everything that needs to be said about her. I knew of her when i was a little boy in the Philippines, my Mom favoured her and supported her to be the President. I was taught early what her Husband did and all the horrors he went through. And also his assassination, but what she represented in our country was something i never forgot. i think that idea has been lost in our country and i could go into it but talk isnt' gonna change things, because actions speak louder than words. I don't get star struck i don't cry over people's deaths, but for me i feel the loss because of that connection she represented. Its like having this amazing Aunty and you never got to say good bye. Thank you President Aquino, for instilling goodness to our country.

Peace and Luv everyone!


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