Charlie Chapter1

Okay so basically part of the new plan for OLA is the Production Initiative. We are creating a structure for all types of production and we're gonna have 4 guys create the comic to lead by example. So far its my Charlie comic, Space Guitar, and 2 other ones that will be announced soon. Our plans have been doing well and i'm actually anxious to find the problems, because after all they're just surprises we don't like. I've made my comic more digest size than the usual half a page indie style. I guess i just like the more square look, and the bottom piece can be a free comic for people to take home even if they don't get the comic. Coincidentally I found a plastic that fits perfect in it. So the next thing is to hunt down a plastic exactly like that and buy a bunch ^^. The plan is to make 10Chapters by next year. Which is definitely do-able... hopefully.

The artshow is now suddenly iffy, because of certain circumstances I am now stuck with no place to do the show. We're trying to make some events or get some grants to get it to launch but i'm actually not so optimistic about this one. I feel like i have no place to show these new pieces i've created, but i just have to keep moving. PEACE AND LUV ALL!


Sheila said…
art shows can be 'iffy'. That 10 chapter project sounds awesome though!

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