quick hi

Hi guys i haven't been doing alot of posting because of my hectic schedule and my scramble to make money so i could live ugh i hate money. I wish i could just make original artwork for everyone for free XD. I've been all out on the Ontario League of Artist project and so far it's lookin okay. i hate coding web but i've managed to make a running social networking website, not bad for a guy whose supposed to be an artist XD. We've been doing alot of Saturday Ssauga Sketch Session and so i just have to scan my sketches to show you guys ^^.
My School project is lookin pretty good, i've met 2 great teachers that are with the program. I just hope its good to go so i can schedule it for the fall. It's looking like fall is gonna be a busy time. We might be planning the 200artists in Dundas Square, hopefully artists would like to do it in September while school is just starting XD. Well i think that's all i have right now and hopefully i have more. I have things in my head i'd like to talk about but i'm really all over the place and not organized. I'll update when i have my brain all together Xd peace and luuuuuv!!!


Sheila said…
no worries....do what ya gotta do. We'll be here.
Doomz said…
Dude, you do you. We appreciate the efforts you put into things, and we'll make it all work through hard work and determination. Just watch.

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