weekend winding down

Well I had a great weekend, it involved some artworks and friends. That's pretty much all i need to complete my weekend, and we had some progress with DYV so thats a bonus. This latest piece i did i am not at all happy with lol. So many things i wish i did but i don't like going back on my pieces. I'm just gonna keep trying these until i get used to my quick painting stuff.

Had the DYVnation in my head most of the time now and i hope to pull it off the way i would like to. We have been trying to reorganize our system of doing things and i think its getting there. I am so excited to push out this website to everyone because its gonna be everything i've worked for in years now. And it will finally all channel through this site. I am happy that its getting to this point, i just hope that people will accept it ^^ PEACE AND LUV!


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