Day by Day

Lately i have been constantly going through sites looking for news that is relevant to post about weather it be Hexabites stories or for this blog. But every time i check out blogs or lately i have been checking out, i have found myself searching through comments. Comments that usually end up in a "flame war", which i read thoroughly in every news. I know its useless and reading through completely terrible comments can make my brain into mush.
I can't stop reading through them, because as i skim through and find all these terrible accusations and ignorant assumptions, i always hope that someone will state something that will close the argument and that i won't have to do it. And always i find that half way through i see that it is useless to jump into the madness. It's like jumping in the mob and picking up a brick to throw it through a window. It's like joining a mosh pit and just randomly flailing my arms hoping to hit someone. It's usually pointless hoping to gain a small satisfaction that I will stop the argument. To be the all knowing being that made everyone realize their futile attempts to be correct.
It doesn't really matter weather if I'm right or Wrong. I've always believed in the idea that what matters is what is right and what is wrong. So now i try to focus and keep at the task at hand. My future is the most important task right now and intend to keep it that way. And as for the Comments i just look for anything hilarious someone might have left, they usually make my day.
My Goal has become bigger and bigger, with every project comes one that supports It incredibly. It's a really difficult task but one that i believe in more than anything i have ever immersed myself in. The progress is still on-going but at least its getting there. I make very little money right now but the sacrifice is something I expect to be worth it. You all would know that i write this because it helps me remember why i do what i do. When your alone like i am, working on this every day you tend lose yourself in everything. I feel I have lost a great deal amount of social skills and I talk way too much when i meet a new person, telling them things they really don't care about. Even right now i am spilling a lot to the internet, things none of you folks might not care for. But i trust that if this isn't quite what you expected for you will dismiss it. And for the people that read my posts especially Sheila who always comments ^^ i thank you.
I promise i will have another set of artworks coming soon, once i am more comfortable with the first draft of the course outlines. I hope to reveal my ever evolving plans of my future and the Studio's future. Peace and Luv everyone ^_^


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