So okay i have been slacking off but alot of things are now fixed up and i'm glad to be posting something on my blog. Its been awhile since i've been on track with everything so i'm trying to bring it back to that.

I did this sketch because i felt bad i haven't had anything new to put up for you guys. so i just finished this one hehe, and its like passed midnight but i'm glad how it turned out. If i really spent some time i would've actually went all out on it and put all the wires and gears on it, but I am so lazy these days.

I also did this piece because i have been trying to get back into the paladin piece which i am actually making some significant progress with. At the end of june i actually have to have 2 new pieces done for the art show... Yikes...

I am trying to figure out how i can integrate the artschool with my online tutorials i wanna put up for studioDYV but for now i have to keep it as a personal project. I am also trying to document the entire process of the artshow to shine some light on the artists that's gonna be in the art show. Trying to squeeze in more time on that one and still try to work on the course outline i'm trying to develop and the Comics (oh god i am so behind on the comic).

The other ordeal i had was the host change on we've managed to make a very smooth transition and fortunately nothing was lost. I wanna say a gigantic THANK YOU to Genevieve for helping me with the transition. She is a tru angel, and i wouldn't know what i would do without her lol.

Until next time i will try to show more stuff when i post, its hard but it encourages me to keep producing work. PEACE AND LUV GUYS!

ps. oh yeah i feel absolutely great now, no longer sick ^^'


Sheila said…
Don't feel bad! If you feel bad, then I need to feel bad for cutting back on the posting. We all get busy. Love these pieces though. They really have weight and movement!

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