Packaging is everything

I luv making stuff for anyone that purchases my work.  I feel like i might be putting too much time and money in it but for now its letting my customers know i appreciate them because they're the only ones buying my work.  When someone cares for me or my work i tend to do everything i can to let them know i appreciate it. But of course sometimes i fall short of it but i'm human, i only have 2 hands and 1 brain that's all patched up but with a few things leaking lol.

An Important artist and business man taught me the value of giving something neat to ur customers and i've always remembered that so that when it came time i started developing products for customers i would make something cool for them to have.  I'm a little slow at it so i'm going to be sending these to customers i've already sent their purchases later.

I even made tags for clothes when i get my stock ready for people to buy directly from me.  I'm so into it but i just don't have the money to make it all happen at once.  But i do enjoy that all my funds are coming from profit i'm making from the work i'm selling.  That way its very hardcore ^_^.

One of my friends from the UK bought one of my prints and she has been a cool person that has supported my work.  I've prepped her print but i wanted to add something cool with it so i took one of the stickers from the munny toy and draw up something cool.

I also made caps for all the tube packages because it doesn't have any and i took the opportunity to create a design that might make the delivery people go whoa! XD  hopefully.  It's like graffiti artists tagging trains and it goes all over new york city and people see it all over the place.  We'll see if it works ^_^

You like my shirt? i'm trying to change up my look XD.  Need to get thinner tho haha .  Even tho i starve everyday i still look big i have no idea why lol.

I like the long hair but the sides always bother me.  I think for the summer i'm gonna keep my hair short but maybe long on the top. If anything i can cover it up with my hat if i'm having a bad day.  I'm pretty sure everyone does that lol

So that's it for now, i just thought i could put words on the things i post on instagram and facebook.  I can rant and blabber on here so i like dat.  I'm also doing commissions for certain people.  But the price is being reworked since i feel it conflicts with my prints prices.  I dunno to be announced i guess.  PEACE AND LUV everyone!! hug someone if you can today.


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