Just hit a milestone in my life right now, and i'm super happy. Problem is i have no one to celebrate this feeling right now, so i'll just post a blog about how happy i am and stuff.  I've got the green light for my project and i'm moving along with development. It's gonna be fun to lead a new team to produce a series of great stuff. My life has been so much about trying to make things happen and making them work that it's hard to be happy about something.

I also wanted to give a shout out to my friend Monica and her talented fashion design.  I love that i have friends that do fashion and jewelry and stuff because it's something i kind wish i can get into, but for men and maybe sometimes womens bags XD her blog is http://5ujin.blogspot.ca/ so check it out while you can.

Well i guess that's it for now, i hope this year i can post some stuff for the project i'm doing or else i'm just sounding like a crazy person with an imaginary friend lol. Peace and Luv!


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