Pieces done and Fundraiser

Hi All! Being productive and getting on with my life, I have reached a point of realization that I just can't control certain things. But art, its always there for me. I've been doing alot of work on a certain project and it looks like things are moving along.

I just finished this piece for my mom, she asked me to work on this like last year. So I worked on this all through out Anime North and finally finished it off.  I'm happy with how it finished off but my mom things i'm missing something so i guess i'm not done yet lol.  Now that that piece is done, I am moving on with older pieces and finishing them off. But also i am grabbing all my stuff in my room and moving it to the studio to work there. My project is moving along well and I can finally afford to commute to the studio and work there everyday. My plans are to pay everything off and finally move to an apartment in downtown Toronto. I wanna push the artwork and hopefully get an Art show by next year.

This Sunday I am joining a bunch of new friends to do a fundraiser for Sick Kids Hospital and draw a bunch of super heroes.  It looked really fun watching them do it when i visited a month ago and i was really psyched when I got invited to join them this time. As long as they don't ask me to do portraits I am absolutely cool doing other people's super heroes. When i came before I met the man that invited me through facebook where we were introduced by a friend we both knew.  He has some serious art and his style really got me inspired to keep doing comics.  He had so much enthusiasm and positive atmosphere that it really got me wanting to draw with them. http://instagr.am/p/Lql8NrCUut/ check out his instagram. I've never had to do a fundraiser and i'm so happy to be able to do one at all. I'm willing to do whatever for my art career and really take it seriously and going out and meeting people and putting my work out there is really something i want to keep doing.  That sentence was all messed up but i seriously am too tired to fix anything at this point lol.  I will try to take pictures and post them on this blog hopefully ^_^ but for now Peace and Luv! gnite!


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