Sry I haven't posted in awhile, the projects i have been working on are ramping up on the pace and i'ts weighing down on me. Learning a lot with writing for TV series with all it's quirks and complexity, and its very hard, also very worth it. There's also some workshops i will be doing, and so it looks like my year is about to get crazy. Hopefully when we do all of this that the money starts to get thicker and i will pay off alot of my debt.   It's always the issue isn't it? it's never just to gain income but pay off outstanding debt.  no zeros more like minuses.  I have been fixing up Charlie and is currently calling it Surviving Earth so now I am challenging myself with drawing every single panel to be insane.  I feel i am ready to show the world what my comic skills truly are. I've roughed up about 3 pages now and i keep redoing the character style because its still going in a super cartoony look, trying to get rid of that. I have a huge plan for it and reading indie books is really influencing how i look at mine, which i don't want to.  We have shirts coming up too, i was fortunate enough to get capital to produce my line of t-shirts and soon i will have a certain amount of units to start selling them.  It's really alot of work to get all that sorted out and i am glad to be getting it produced.  I will have to work extra hard to sell them and get them out there.  Well lots more to do, hopefully i can get a video out to explain to my youtubers what i've been working on. Peace and Luv, oh and one more thing, make good art!


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