Charlie Chapter One1

>>>>Charlie Chapter One<<<<
So i finally finished Chapter One, and i'm actually happy with it. There's still alot of things i could have done better. The great thing is tho, is that i can actually do better next time. And i am willing to take it to the next level, i wanna fix my writing skills, and my storyboarding skills. I'm still trying to figure out how i wanna lay down my backgrounds, because i realized a lot with how i draw. I could do more dynamics and pull from real life shots. So I will be working hard to making this comic book a totally great one. I hope you guys enjoy this comic because i will be enjoying making this for the next couple of years. My goal is to get this book up to 4 volumes worth of stuff. Then hopefully everyone gets the idea i have for this entire world I have had in my head for 8 years lol.


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