Yay found me a new Method

So i was trying to create thumbnails and i found out i luv doing these lol. So I went ahead and started on chapter 3 cause i was really wondering what was gonna happen next lol. So i've kinda stopped keeping up with certain things cause i really wanna finish chapter 3. Its starting to feel like an addiction where i'd say i'll stop after one more @_@. I'm just glad i have something i can completely obsess about. I've also been keeping up with the latest comics and i tend to gravitate towards comics that i can relate to in terms of style which is fun. I don't usually draw like the way i draw on the Charlie comic so its really fun to do it. I hope i can push the backgrounds more once i'm comfortable with my style of writing.

I luv this pic so much! This is my brother Sonny and our dog Coco. Coco fills my heart with all kinds of goodness lol


Sheila said…
All that work in those thumbnails. You should frame them! I saw thumbnails framed at the Pixar studio when I toured there. Coco is so cute. I might have to paint her!
Madd Sketch said…
you need to Arrest Coco, Sheila, she's trouble with four legs lol

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