New things for New Year

So I'm pretty sure i've mentioned before that I am starting from scratch. I no longer have any hours to work in Seneca College, and I don't do motion capture anymore. I also don't anymore own a partnership company. But i do now own StudioDYV as sole ownership, but anyways. I still do some coloring work for the BlackBastard comic, but i no longer will be working on Patent Drawings for it rarely comes along. I have no calls from game companies and to be honest i didn't want them to call lol. The thing is tho, i need income, so to be completely stepping down, i have been applying to art stores and game stores ^_^.

Alot of people told me to get a normal job, for a long time. But I was scared of taking a normal job and not knowing what to do with myself. Thus not figuring out where i wanna bounce back from. I would be totally lost if that's all i'd be doing every day. But going through the fall season, i've realized alot about myself. I don't usually just bitch and moan because i'm "depressed", I was frustrated because i didn't know where i wanted to be. I knew that alot of people go through the same things, but i wasn't complaining that i was alone in this. There are people worse off than I am, but i was trying to figure out what to do. I felt like it was a puzzle as to why am i not succeeding.

Now I know what it is, and its honestly every hour i try to fix myself. I have gotten alot of bad habbits, where i have given up hard work on my art pieces and techniques. Every day i fix myself, i fix my mind. In hopes to be a better, hard working person. One thing is for sure, i have gotten back my passion to draw. I am not a painter, or a sculptor, I just luv to make lines ^_^. And if people could appreciate that, i will work my butt off to show hundreds.

Counting my Blessings
I wanna take the time to Thank the women in my life! I got so hyper today and got my mom all hyped up, jumping with me in the kitchen laughing like crazy people lol. Thank you for the positive life you have given me Mom. I have alot of things i do, but if theres a person who has done things I can't do, Its Helen Hsu. She's a sculptor, a Jewelry designer, Painter, and more! She blows my mind! She is i have to say one of the best friends i've ever had. You can pretty much say we're siblings ^_^. Helen Cho is another girl that is AWESOME and a great artist! She's a Florist. She inspired me to get back to the Wingz series and do better. And when we were highschool classmates she totally kicked my ass with her paintings! She still kicks major ass with her skills. Genevieve is one amazing girl that pushes me to add more detail. Our work is very different, but when i showed her detail, she attempted to do more detail. Then i got pushed to do more detail, and so on. This went on for years lol. I'm sorry this is going too long, i promise to show pictures next time. Zemmy and May are new girls that helped me through some tough episodes in my life, and they are both absolutely amazing girls. Last but not least, Isabelle, she is one strong woman. She helped me when i was completely down years ago and she had been such an emotional help.

I wanna Thank all you Angels for keeping me alive! You are all always in my mind, and the thoughts keep me going. I am forever grateful and i will work harder to give back to you all.

Okay now that i got that out of my chest, I am releasing Charlie on Saturday along with The Notorious BIT. I figured its a good way to keep organized, and if its not then i'll switch it up. Thanx for taking the time to read this one. Its pretty long, i guess i like writing after all lol. WEll i'll be heading to bed, do me a favour and take care of each other. PEACE AND LUV TO U ALL!! ^_^


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