concepts for charlie

So these guys are a super hero team, i came up with thats gonna be getting to know charlie pretty soon. I couldn't help but put out some sketches of these guys cause these guys have been on my mind for days now. I luv them very much, and i hope you get to like them too.
I wanted to make Aceman look like a clean cut but he's more of the mean batman leader type.

I wanted to do some almost real type style to see how they would look like on a pure super hero comic book.

So the guy who looks like batman is actually all the good qualities of batman but with some funny lazy type attitude that really goes well with Charlie so they become buddies lol. He can be serious and he'll be a leader, but only when the leader isn't' there lol. And also unlike batman he actually has powers.

I'm going to attempt to do a mini comic for each member so you get to see wat they're like before they appear in the actual Charlie comic.

PEACE&LUV! llb ^_^


zem said…
Nice team ya got there. XD
Sheila said…
Isn't it nice to get those images outta yer head and onto the paper so you can make more room for stuff. Really like Aceman's look.
BRAP!! BRAP!!! that's awesome guy!

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