Sketches and ideas

This was suppose to be a concept of a short film i was workin on. I couldn't finish the whole thing because i need to clean up the rest of the animation because it was done through motion capture. But the main problem was the set, i couldn't get the right idea in the scene. So i have this 3d build laying around and i'm doing it all over again when i get a chance @_@. That's film for ya lol...
This sketch probably helped make that look go wrong, because what i should've done was create a place that was almost deserted and was dusty all over the place, almost like Metal Gear Solid 4. But i wanted the band of brothers feel to the lighting and such. Anyway i hope i can get it done this year so i can get at least 1 animated film done.

I had this idea of ideas growing on trees. And then i just got that idea of a light bulb and maybe i could make a gigantic painting of this where its a mechanical tree that grows light bulbs. Like we grow ideas lol I luv the idea so much because most of us would luv to see that. I'm still contemplating on what medium i should use, cause i know i can make that in 3d and have it animate and stuff. But i wanna make it into an artpiece so i might just try to make it in either water color or acrylic. We'll see i guess hehe ^_^

I also started to do some water colors on my little moleskine books. they're not the actual brand but they're pocket sketchbooks. Kinda like a rip off of it or something, i luv them.

The sketches were pretty old but i just wanted to test out my Waterbrush and my mini watercolor pack ^_^. Soon i wanna be able to go around and do some buildings and such. TILL NEXT TIME! PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


Sheila said…
Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. I love your work especially your first dabbles in watercolor. I'll be checking back in Mr. Talented!

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