eep me and my no posting pictures...

My new desk, well actually its just my drawing table that was temporarily placed in the first floor. I came up with something that might be kind of fun and would serve such a good purpose for the World that I'm trying to present to everyone. Just a couple of days ago I talked to my fellow DYVboys and we thought of an idea to create 5pages with most characters made by Mark, Joe, and Peter. So we got together at the usual Starbucks (we've been going to the same place for over 3years now) and created more Thumbnail rough drafts of the comics of each creators. Its just 5 pages so its pretty short and quick, but the stories lead to something bigger.
So by doing this, it will help map the scale of the world and it will help us put things in order. So yay i can't way till we get all of the mini comics done! We've been able to do the pages pretty quick now and get our moods down on paper. So yay i'll post up skeches next post, really i will! PEACE AND LUV!


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