Haha I still got something done.

Just when i thought i didn't get anything done today, I finally went all out on the main page and figured out how i wanted to lay it out. I know i know it has alot of pictures. But this studio is about images and entertainment, so why not? hehe

So now the next on the list is the products for the online shop and creating a donate button for this whole thing. I really need some dough rolling in on this cause i really wanna put more time in it. I mean yeah the recession is really making it hard for me to work and it leaves me a lot of time to work on this stuff. But i have money problems that need solving too guh @_@. Anyway that rant was brought to you by the number 3 and the letter U.

I have been writing so much since I've started developing the heroes that Charlie will be meeting. It has been so exciting but also exhausting, since i can only go on for 16 hours of writing and drawing, then my body just gives up and my eyes starts to close by itself. Its worth the pain, i have finally found out how to tell this story and i am not about to stop for anything XD.

Have a great TGIF everyone! PEACE AND LUV!! llb(>.<)dll


Sheila said…
Yay!!!! Congrats on getting all that done.

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