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Yeah today i had a lot of drawings i was working on. But here's something that kind of bothered me. I was in the book store and i got a call from a client i had and for some reason I've been lazying around with his commission. The thing is the last work i had to do for him he wasn't too happy with the work and he kind of made me feel like it was good enough and that i screwed up with some stuff. My problem with clients usually is always this, they're always making me feel like i did moderate and not great. I wanna blame them for not giving me such a detailed description because that's what it is really about. But on the other hand, me personally as an artist, they're making me draw something that they want and get rid of my style. Well that's not exactly what i do. I'm more comfortable if they let me do whatever i want. But usually they'll just tell me to be free and then suddenly they're telling me I'm not doing what they told me to do.

Well that's the life of an artist i tells yah, they don't appreciate you when they're paying you lol. Well that's not entirely true... just a little bit... Still this guy is probably the best client I've got lol everyone else has been a nightmare. But he will be the last business client i will ever have, from here on in i'm only doing character commission drawings and my own stuff. I really don't like drawing other peoples products and plans. I wanna have my own identity, and notoriety, i think I've been under the radar for way too many years and not have my own identity in the art communities. I feel it's time for me to push my work out there harder and harder. WHOSE WITH ME?? LETS GOOOO!! YES WE CAAAN lol

Okay anyway, yeah I've been pulling my hair out trying to finish the second chapter, but with all this website coding I've been doing it might take some time. I'd stop coding but it's so much fun, and its instant gratification lol. I code something and i can see if it works or not lol. I don't like a color i change it lol. The problem with doing absolutely everything by yourself is that you only got two hands and one brain lol. So right now I'm trying to figure out how to get people to read the comic and visit the main site. Because as of right now, absolutely no one is visiting it lol. I guess I'll work that out somehow, no need to worry about it. Anyway this is a ranting post, cause I've been sort of stressed but not desperate. If you've read this far i commend you lol And i sincerely appreciate your willingness to read this post. Peace and Luv!


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