FGD pt2

Alright got some good progress going on right now. I am so pumped but its like midnight and i really should get some sleep. I got the shooting functions working and the enemies go after you now! lol It's almost kind of creepy how they're slowly going towards you. But as a safety precaution i made them keep their distance. So if you bump into them you die, and that would be your own fault lol. The white spheres are going to be health spheres. Right now you can take them in but it wont give you more health. I still have so much to learn like score systems and stuff.
The Controls are the same the arrow keys are to move, or if you like you can use WASD. To shoot is Spacebar and thats about it.

Click here
I am also learning how to do a basic side 2d shooter. but i'll have to hold that off for another day because i'm going right back to Excessive Force tommorow with more 3d stuff. I think i've had enough scripting for now, i need to show more flashy stuff.
This experience has been fantastic, because of the feeling i get when something works in code ^^. Although its weird sometimes cause usually no ones around when i freak out. oh well, that's my life, but i'm used to it ^^. Peace and Luv everyone! i'll post again on Wednesday.


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