FGD pt3

Okay so here's the update. I have been working on alot of prototypes, and i've got alot started which is nice. I've learned a whole lot of scripting in Unity, and am able to apply it. I still need to learn alot of message scripting and more GUI stuff but i know its just a matter of time. I've decided that my 2D shooter game will be side scrolling and at a certain point will switch to StarFox style!! ^^ I'm very excited cause it'll be all about the low poly wicked Textures realm! I luv that stuff.
I'm still working on EForce but its gonna take a while till you guys see something significantly new to it. It's alot of tweaking the map and technical stuff, so its kinda boring lol.

I even talked to Gen and got some prototypes started to make an interesting game with her artwork. It's very exciting cause we've fantasized about her designs in a wicked videogame, now I can really try to pull it off.

Our Designs that will debut soon, are almost ready, they're actually releasing Feb 8th and hopefully we can spread the word so fast. So watch out for all that good stuff!

Oh yeah I'll update the FGD next time with some enemies to shoot at, how bout that? would you like that? okay i'll do it, just for you guys. Peace and Luv everyone!


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