The L word

Love is a word i LOVE to use lol. Although I feel like I over use it, I know that when it comes a time that i have to be careful with the word, I get very serious about it. I look back at my life and think of the one very thing I absolutely love, and that's drawing. I've never really loved a girl although I am attracted to girls of course, I've never really, really loved one. But I know it is mainly because I've never met the one I've been looking for. The worst part about that is that I never have the time to find her.
I always feel like if i were to get with a girl right now, I would be ruining her life. Because even though i would love to be there for her, i know that i wont be able to really be there for her. My life rely's on my ability to draw, without that, I am nothing. Of course this is how I think and I know some people will tell me otherwise, but the truth of the matter is. I have wrapped my entire life with this fascination to drawing, a line. I have given myself a goal since I was 8 Years old, and that is to be an absolutely great artist. 2001 I lost that goal, thinking that it was an impossible dream. 8 years later i realize that it doesn't matter if it is impossible. It's not like i need a license to be amazing, I just have to keep working until I am satisfied.
I'm sure one day i will meet the girl of my dreams and she will be beautiful (because i'm shallow). Together we will have the most amazing journey through life and we will grow old together. I will draw her in every town we go to all over the world, for she will be the only girl worth drawing. She'll need to put up a lot of crap from me tho, which will suck but i will do everything in my power to be open to her. If you are out there mystery girl... STAY AWAY! I'M SERIOUS YOU LIFE WILL BE IN DANGER! I WILL RUIN YOUUU!! haha that was fun ^^'
Okay enough garbage i'll be alone for ever muhahahaha. I'm gonna be a lone senile person in japan scaring kids with my walking stick shaped like a snake.

I have alot of stuff goin on and i don't know which one to focus on in terms of blogging, but right now i have a game i'm actually making on my own, but with some help for old work done by the DYV crew. It's looking freakin wicked and i've never been this excited working on 3D stuff. I'm back workin on the pages of Charlie which is getting to be fun again.

I'm whipping some of the new DYV kids into shape. Starting to Teach them Photoshop basics and why know it. Hopefully by September i can get them up to speed with 3Dsmax and Maya. We've actually started to create a pipeline for designs that will be advertised pretty soon. But the release date of these products will be around early Febuary. I'm very excited about these because they are lookin quite spiffy ^^ Anyway i hope you guys a great week! PEACE AND LUUUUUUUUVV!!


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