Okay so I did do some work on the Excessive Force but it's not something major you guys can see, so i'll be hackin away at it till its something wicked. So just to let you know i did do alot in it. I even worked on some managing on the DYV design stuff. Anyway just a couple of hours ago I decided to go back into Unity and see what else i could learn. Well basically, long story short i ended up starting this StarFox like game. I'm actually thinking of making a level now, but i'm thinking of trying out a full 2D shooter first ^^ i keep getting all these ideas for crazy funky pixel/poly graphics. My mind hasn't stopped coming up with ideas, its ridiculous really. If you wanna see the FireGridMinx version1 ClickHere All this game making is making me happy, i think i'm gonna be doing some more concepts. I just love the fact that i can write up a story, draw the concepts, make the 3D model, Animate and then make the Game lol. It really makes me so happy that i can do that. Anyway, tmw i will probably be hangin out with Rene and I can't wait to show him this new Minx Version ^^ i'm so excited, PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


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