FGD pt1

Okay i realize slowly what i am doing and so in order for me to make playable games i need to experiment. So i have been playing with other types of games to see how the codes work. And i am also seeing how fast i can make objects from model to texture in a small scale game like FireGrid Dawn. I am basically going to take on the game ideas my friend's have had but none of us are programmers so we were never able to do it. Well i'm gonna try to pull this off.
Click here for the Game
FireGrid Dawn is an idea my older brother had to program but basically he wanted to make CrossFire (old old game) But i wanted to make something more complicated so we started writing about this character that basically gets called to planets whenever its a global scale catastrophy. So we had all these ideas for this ship and the pilot and this was one of my first ideas. I subtitled it Dawn because its the beggining of the recorded journal of his missions. I don't know what it is about stories but i luv a story intensive product. Weather that's comic, game, movie, watever. I luv character driven stuff, but i always look more into the whole story. Anyway right now the game is only about moving around and how you can see the crappy flames behind it. I'm having problems finding a code for shooting, because i'm stupid. So oh well, the search continues.

Don't worry the only thing i'm gonna really work on is Excessive Force because its the biggest one to tackle. I'm still writing down more assets to make, i just keep comin up with ideas to make the city more dynamic. It's not gonna be any bigger than 3blocks because i think the computer starts chuggin after that lol.

Hopefully for tmw i will get the enemy working properly and a model for it too. But for now, i will get back to Excessive Force!! peace and luv!


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