Been doing alot of keep ups with the pages i have to go through. I did that sketch (above) one time and i've been meaning to ink it and add all the detail stuff that i usually do. I was thinking he belongs to one of the Guardian Angels roaming around Neo Gaia, but he's one of the good guys... Or is he? lol So yeah just wanted to post that up. Everything is going fine, did some updates on 24fps webcomic site. Christ and Kristin are so great in input, but its partly because they really want it to work. They have such enthusiasm for their comic and its very motivational. It made me wanna work more on Charlie. I wont post the link to the site yet but i will soon. Oh and I wanna give a shout out to Thea! lol Peace and Luv everyone!


Sheila said…
Hey! He kind of looks like you! Rugged looks, strong jaw... very cool!

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