EForce Update 1.1

I have been working very hard on this game. Right now i'm taking small steps and making sure the look is how i want it before i jump into all the other mess. Like GUI coding, main menu, and all the stuff a game usually needs. I've decided to use Helvetica Ultra Light for the fonts of it, because i absolutely love Helvetica. I made the poster thingy just to help me be inspired. I still feel like i'm going off track by making a game but, my heart really feels like i should finish what me and dyv started. By DYV i mean, Mark Williams, Peter Braeley, and Joe Bonsu. Mainly me and Mark spent 16 hours a day for 3 weeks straight, making all the objects in the scene, and now, i finally get to make the game we wanted to put together.
Oh by the way the tank was something i wanted to do a long time ago, but it isn't rigged yet for animation. I'm prioritizing that tank after all the models. So many still needs to be done, but i am confident that i can actually make this game. Oh and yes i'm doing the whole thing by myself lol, because i don't trust anyone with it anymore lol. I'm pretty much the only one in the group who is willing to script the game so oh wells.
As if that isn't enough work, i'm almost done roughing out the pages for Armored Starr. I'm excited for Roman and Rodolfo, and what they are going to do with these pages. At some point i will start getting hard on them, but i just want them to be used to drawing alot first. ^^; Anyway i should keep working I will report again after a couple of days, or if something major cool was added to the game. PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


Sheila said…
Wow....this is going to take a lot of work on your part. I'm sure it will be all a labor of love though. I'll be watching your progress!
J.Ho said…
this look so awesome....

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