What am i doing??

Okay i'm sorry for not updating this image for awhile now, but it just took a major turn. I started with this image at 2000pixels and then i went ahead and pushed it to 4000pixels. Working the background it forced me to go to 5000pixels scared that my comp might crash. As of right now this image is at 7000pixels wide and 4032tall hahaha. I was really bothered by the fact that his feet wasn't showing, so i felt that in order to show it i needed to shrink him. My problem with this was that quality might shrink along with it so i pushed the size a bit bigger just so everything will be somewhat intact.

Of course you notice the little guy beside him going whaaa??? I really liked my sketche of him and had this hunch that he could fit in this scene so i dropped him right in front of the Paladin. Of course that took so much attention away from the Paladin so i pushed him to the other side.

i was going mad! with the background and had no idea what to do with it. So I summoned my good friend Peter (my matte painting expert) to give me some ideas as to where this layout could go. He made it wider and suggested the giant structure at the back. I've just added the clouds on the back but there's definitely a lot more to be done with it, as well as every since pixel of this piece lol. But essentially i want a dark cloud approaching the towers as if the Human Terror is blanketing this planet with horror lol. I dunno, sorry for the creepyness of it all. But basically this piece is probably gonna go for 2 more weeks before it gets finished. And that would also mean like 16hours a day @_@

At least its exciting again, cause for awhile i thought it got pretty boring. Thank you Peter for the major help on the environment it really made it great! ^^ Well off to pulling the triggerrrr... i mean happily painting away! ^^' Peace and Luv everyone!


Charles said…
This picture is getting crazier and crazier with each new update. I really can't wait to see the final version. Your talent is ridiculous man.

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