updateroonies pt1

Hokay! I have alot of stuff to post but I need to organize it first so i'll probably post them tonight which is like... i dunno... 8hours from now... its for people that are in many different countries. Since BlogTV I've been very cautious about that stuff. Aaaanyways i've been trying to finish the roughs of chapter 3 and came to the conclusion that i should just cut 2 pages off and have the serious fight scenes on the next chapter lol. so... yeah... and i did some canvas paintings because it somewhat calms me down and stops me from chewing my tablet pen from anxiety.
I'm workin on this one for now. I'm hoping to put this on hexabites or the main dyv site or something.

So i was thinking of doing a 2hour piece every day starting april to really push me over the edge lol and hopefully i do and make a book out of it i dunno lol. I would like to ask you guys for ideas or comments as to how i could make money lol because i'm completely dying here lol. that's it for now lol PEACE AND LUV EVERYONE!


Sheila said…
very VERY cool... I like the balance of this piece. Mui Macho too!

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