an oldie but goodie

here's an old drawing i did when i had this idea to make a short animated about a merman (well boy). The story was about growing up and why we should look forward to it. I was like in my early 20s so i was kind of just thinking positively i guess lol. Of course i never got it to work but now i'm thinkin maybe i could work in it, or at least just storyboard it or something. But then again at this point my brain is on overload and i will probably shoot myself in the head if i try to work on this. In my head i have 3Short animated film i wanted to do and the comics and games lol. So yeah i wish i have like 10 of me, then i'd be happy making everything lol. I don't even have a name for this particular kid so yeah lol.

I've been trying to fix alot of stuff and give some attention to Hexabites because its getting alot of views and i want people to have a reason to come back to it. So i'm trying to do more Strips of Notorious BIT. I'm thinking of making it also an art blog where we feature artists that i'm really digging right now. We'll see where it all goes, i just want more people to keep checkin it out.

Okay well that's it for now, i'll post something new tmw promise! PEACE AND LUV!!!


Sheila said…
good idea on that other blog. I say you do it!!

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