Keeping my life new

 My life constantly adjusts to the new things that come my way. I have decided to be on my own but now finding myself in a huge situation ( a good one) and is constantly trying to keep up with everything that is happening. My plans for my name to get bigger is the number one priority and is the reason why there is a green screen and everything.  I am learning new things everyday and realizing that the things I used to do was not the way I was meant to do it. I am meant for something bigger and i intend to see it through.  The current projects i am working on right now i cannot say, but i can say that Firegrid is up and running again and is moving quite fast.  I am also testing a better way to shoot DYVtv and planning out the future of the show.  I have alot on my mind, and that's actually the way i like it. Rockmiles is doing great and everyone is on top of their tasks. I see the importance of Charlie and that is why i will continue to write it and rough out the drawings. I can tell you that my goal for Charlie is to make a tv cartoon out of it.  I am learning the business the hard and fast way, which is seriously giving me a headache.  But to be honest, every ache is so worth it.  The amount of information i learn is absolutely valuable and something no teacher can help me with. I have an amazing opportunity to learn from a super great friend and I absolutely value him.  Everything is still the same plan, just with better legal coverage.  I will try to give you guys inside scoop on what i am up to with my personal projects but not the confidential ones lol.  May you all have Peace and Love.


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