The ever changing course

So things have been constantly changing for me.  I've finally gotten back with Charlie and hoping i can do a whole volume before December.  I'm trying to get a hd camera for my youtube videos, just so i can do better drawing videos.  I now have 3 classes to teach every week, Cartooning, Storyboarding and 3D animation.  It's actually alot for me, so hopefully i can just keep it at that so i can continue working on my projects.  Our projects have been altering since the July and after finishing Armored Starr, I've been setting myself for personal projects.  So i have 2 diff titles I'm working out with my brothers where they write and i draw it. Those titles will be done by next year, so i can give myself enough time to work on them.  The 2 main titles i have to worry about is Charlie, and my new project Rockmiles Anthology.  the DYV core have been itching to draw their own comics, so i have been the acting editor for all their short stories.  So far it has been fun helping them get to their goals.  Some of the stories have been in our vaults for quite some time now. So it is a big deal for us to finish these series of short stories.  I've started some covers for it, but nothing solid.

Nothing major just getting the ball rolling, i might have some more designs i'm gonna put up.  I've decided to make this blog my safe haven for uploading my random images i work on.  I have so much more i'm working on but i really don't wanna talk about it anymore unless they get the green light and i've signed papers lol  Anyway so much stuff is developing and i hope i can get it to you guys as soon as possible. More blogs coming soon! XD  PEACE AND LUV!


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