Friday, September 17, 2010

twists and turns

All my life I try to find a group that connects with me everyday and every hour.  The more I do this the more it falls appart, and every second in my brain, a voice is saying your fine alone.  I hated being alone, with no group to belong. But the more I try to put one together, they don't feel the way it should.  9 years later i stop and sit myself down and realize, I need to be alone. I'll be riding solo for awhile, untill i figure this out. 

ps. I'm finishing off incomplete projects with the core members, but i will mainly be creating the building blocks of "MaddSketch" because I think it's about time.

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chibi ohimesama said...

Being alone isn't always a bad thing :) sometimes its what you need to figure things out.
I actuarly got the best group of friends while and after i had my "need to be alone" period :)

Good luck