Whose painting is this?

I just found something interesting with people in general.  One of my close friends have given me a snap shot of a painting she saw and obviously it is a printed one. She asked the store who made that painting in hopes of maybe finding a cheaper one or maybe seeing more of the man/woman's work.  They said that they don't know who the artist is or where it came from, they just found it in their attic or something.  She showed me the artwork because she took a snapshot of it with her iphone.  I was curious if anyone could recognize the painting and possibly finding the artist who did it and how much it really is.  I wanna see if i could make this into something of an activity, well if it works maybe ^^.

Anyway the FanExpo went really well, thank you so much for everyone the three comics we put out.  It really inspires me to keep on going and making better work. PEACE AND LUV!

ps.  Our next event is the Literary Fest at Living Arts Center.  See ya there!


taluta said…
Hey there, awesome pic and sorry, can't help with the artist, but when I saw it, it reminded me of some pics I had seen while I was looking for curious architectural pics for art research, SO...I thought it might interest you too - have a look over here: http://coolhqpix.blogspot.com/2010/02/10-most-incredible-abandoned-mental.html

The 7th picture down looks very much like that room, it's not, but these pics are so freaky and cool anyway.

Stay well, Andrea @taluta (from Twitter)

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