DYVnation clothing ^^

Check out our new designs for DYVnation line.  More picks after the break.

 To start things off for our clothing brands we are running with these designs but for now. We are going for the Signature style one for $10.  We're just getting our work out there as quick as possible.  The white frame glasses are actually not for sale because i was just putting things together to make the shirts look nice XD.  We are still working on packaging because i have ideas i wanna try out.
  This lines is mostly done on me, because of the black and white thing, I just love black and white, and if i have to add color it would be a very desaturated color ^^ its my thing.  Besides everyone else in the group has more love for color so it balances out.

The Shirts will go on sale June 5th Saturday where i will have them in a suitcase.  We will have it for sale online but i will also carry 2 or 3 in the suitcase.  Again i'm still trying to figure out the box package it will come in so i will give you guys an update on that.


Alicia Lee said…
The cake was a fun project indeed. I'd love to do it again (if you have any friends getting married, cough, hook me up! haha jk).
Are you still teaching at York? Did u get any sales at the gallery?

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