Makina Series in an exhibition in NPCC

I finally have my work in an Exhibition for the first time.

The top one is called Harmony and the Bottom one is called Melody. It is a great feeling to have something up and out of my room, at least for awhile.  But it's also scary to think that your baby is somewhere else and will be for awhile.  It's like leaving your kids for the first time at kindergarten.  The exhibit runs till May 30th and they are both for sale.  If you would like to visit it i will post the location and a website.

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Alicia Lee said…
Hey Aaron! I didn't know you followed my blog until today! I am replying to your comment left back in February.. ha ha. :D I didn't know you had a blog either, but congrats on getting your work into a gallery! Looks great!!
Sevenstrokes said…
Wow Harmony look saweesome! :)

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