Update on everything

Hi guys, hope you guys had a good weekend.  I was pretty sick getting into the weekend so that wasn't fun.  Still had to do some work but just minimal stuff. I just wanted to let you guys know about a few things.  I've set the episodes on DYVtv 2wice a month instead of every week.  With everything that we are doing its hard to keep up that much video editing with coming up with titles and more graphics.  So they're gonna be more candid and more behind the scenes on how we do our stuff.  I am also planning on connecting all our channels, so let's say you wanna see more footage on what was shown on DYVtv, well there will be more on artist's channel.  Little things like that we wanna do for you guys.  And since we got some answers on which ones we should get back to, i also wanna line up to everyone what we are gonna release and promise that the art series, comics and games are actually gonna come out.  I've set a really high bar for my guys, but its not impossible, nothing is.  Alot is in the works for all these products but i can't talk about it.  Hopefully it all goes well so you guys can see it all, instead of me talking about it coming soon or something. 

 Well me personally, Madd, have been pretty tired and stressed.  I think i got so tired and stressed that the flu got to me.  I think i've almost beat it tho, which was only a couple of days, take that flu! I have been so busy trying to get DYV off the ground lately and with the flu it was so easy to get lost in the middle of it all.  I haven't even really picked up a pencil to do some drawing for the pieces.  Which concerns me that if i keep this up i might not be drawing anymore.  The thing is, i've been invited by a few places to do some exhibition stuff which really excites me so now i gotta keep in shape and finish more pieces so i can sell them.  I feel that the art work i made through my times when i moved away from Toronto made me feel like human again. I owe it to my work and the people i met and learned life from to see it through.  I wanna find a way to harmonize ArtWork, Video Games, and Comicbooks together into one big breathing thing.  The first test is FireGrid and so far its lookin great, i had a lot of fun going full on with its artwork.  And one of my guys in DYV core (Roman), have been laying down tracks for the game.  It sounds pretty metal to me and it makes me wanna do more crazy stuff for the game.  I have a few suprises for you guys that i don't wanna mention because if i can pull it off, it will be that more special.  I know i'm blabbering but there's so much to talk about that i'm just letting it all pour out of my head. Armored Starr is lookin great, the guys are really learning and growing as they go and its magical to me. Anyway that's all for now, thank you all for continuing to read this blog and checkin out all our work.  I hope to keep up with everything and show you guys all the hard work my team is working on.  Take care of yourselves and Remember PEACE AND LUV!


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