short Update

Hi guys, been working a lot lately.  Just got through AN with the PandaPad brand and it went great.  Almost everything was sold out especially the Shirts and Prints.  Trying to finish the shirts for DYVnation brand, hopefully i get it all done soon.  Just wanted to let you all know we are still working hard and i'm editing the latest episodes and hopefully by friday i have a quick short episode of DYVtv.   i got some footage of me drawing and i also started on the Champion piece so i'll be showing that next week. 
One thing i wanted to talk about was this amazing reception i got from when i was drawing a wing art piece that was on my sketchbook.  It was the big sketchbook so people really dug the work.  I was to the point that i was overwhelmed by the complements. I felt so loved and have been wondering what to do with it, maybe just keep drawing i guess.  It made me rethink the strategy for the table set up we were thinking for the Expo.  We are also planning on going to more events to keep promoting Pandapad and maybe take it to the road.  I dunno we'll see i guess.  Well that's it for now, i promise i will have footage and images next post! PEACE AND LOVE!


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