Little Lot about me.

I wanted to share a little bit on what i usually bring to make sure I am prepared.
From my sketchpad, to my Flip cam It's all there.   Read the long blog lol click after the break, if you dare.

Okay so i decided to take some pictures of what i usually bring when i trek out for meetings or just a sketch sessions now a days.  I don't usually feel very detailed in stuff like this but i dunno. I guess because I've been very busy with work i kinda wanted to do somthing else for 2 hours ^^.

Because of the new situations I'm getting myself into I am constantly being tested in organization and preparation. So I have been focusing on carrying things that I find I always need. I also wanted to make sure that they are small enough to fit my small travel pack. Before i used to always carry a bag with 3 Tabloid size sketchbooks, Artbooks, 17inch Laptop, etc.  It was ridiculous lol. So now it's time to travel smart.

Let's start through the numbers and I'll get in detail on each item.

1. Makina Notebook -It's not exactly a code only book because I've been drawing on it a lot (I can't help it). I was using it to take down codes that I might re-use that is fairly extensive.  I binded it myself and printed my graphics on it to make it look like mine and no one elses.

2. HM Hat that I've been wearing for quite some time now.  Everyone seems to notice it and people tend to find me through a crowd easier when they're looking for me.  Not to sound overly confident or anything lol.

3. Makina Workpad -Now this is a travel pad I use alot.  In the beginning it was suppose to be a travel pad which would have my passport and everything, but with the slips on it, it seemed more useful than just for trips.

4. The Key is just something I found a long time ago. I've kept it around but I started just latching it on my belt loop. It's kind of like a gratitude key, cause when i notice it i remember to be grateful about stuff.

5.Emperio Armani Watch -A watch that was given to me by one of my Uncles (I super lucky to get that lol). I love having a watch just cause i wouldn't look like a desperate person looking at my cellphone, but really I'm looking at the time. I always need to know what time it is.

6. Patriot XT 4 gig flash drive -just in case I need to transfer something to either a student, or a client, or others that are also important.

7. The Task Order Up -Okay this pad has been so useful to me because it's laid out what i need to jot down. I make lots of lists and this helps me re-read it later in an easier fashion. It's laid out like a list that a waiter uses. the creator of this is David Seah and he is a super organized Graphic Designer. The Productivity Tools are called the Printable CEO.

8. Le Chateau sun glasses -Okay I can never wear sun glasses because I usually break them.  In this case it happened 2 days after I bought it. The only thing is the top bridge frame is still there so its kind of still fine lol.  I keep trying to super glue it or something but whatever. I think i'm gonna get a cheaper one now.

9. Flip Ultra HD Vid Cam -I've only had this for a week or so and I absolutely love it.  It starts up fast and ready to shoot, but it doesn't focus or any macro stuff. Which is okay considering how much I paid for it.

10. HTC Dream -Seriously, I've wanted this phone for the longest time. It's super old now with all the super phones out there right now. But I've really had not much complaints to it.  I might jailbreak it just to put on the latest version of Android, we'll see. This pretty much has my schedule, songs, everything in one gadget. I don't really need any other device to roam around with.

11. My Wallet - that's all.

You can already see the Pens and pencils i use there. But for the most part I make sure my lead is HB, and my inking pen is Micron.  It's usually 01 or 005 just because i love small details (duh).

Of course I also bring a big sketchbook or just loose card stock paper if I need to present or I know I'm going to draw my ideas on the spot to someone. But I try as much as I can to go around light.  Now a days if I'm going to the Studio I would bring large paper because my boss usually likes it when he sees the art.

 Well I hope this wasn't a waste of time for you. I honestly just wanted to type about something and I thought it would be nice to talk about the little things i geek out about. If you would like to geek out with me and would love to share your way of organizing or how you travel around as an artist please add to the comments below.  I'd love to see it ^^

Till next time, i hope i can show you guys some of the hard work me and the core guys have been doing. But until then, PEACE AND LUV!


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