Primo Classics

Introducing our first shirt design.  click on the image to see more.


Alicia! said…
Thank ya :) the noodles were fun to do.

haha you know, i'm not actually that talented at drawing. i mean, i'm not like a natural like boram (the girl who i shared the artist alley booth) who can just draw things from their imagination and make it look perfectly realistic. i always feel like i have to work way harder when it comes to drawing, i always need a reference picture and stuff. by the end of my AN days i was also tired of doing fan art, doing it mostly so i could make money. i also got tired of drawing anime characters cuz drawing people is so hard for me to do (long, almost painful process).

so yep.. i think that may also be why i do really pursue fine arts and drawings as much anymore. too hard, don't get enough satisfaction from it, not inspired enough. haha :P

one thing i do really want to learn is to silkscreen. i think i would enjoy creating designs for things like shirts and bags, and i am drawn in by the whole hands-on process of it.
Alicia! said…
Haha, thanks :) Yeah I guess I am at that point where I am just trying to figure out what I wanna do with my life. I have a lot of different interests and hobbies, but nothing has pulled me in quite all the way yet. I find that I enjoy change and I easily get bored with doing one thing all the time, even if it was something that I enjoyed.

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