Madds crafts

So for the past couple of months I have been doing alot of things by myself.  Making box sets for the products and so on.  Lately I have been working on so many projects It's getting harder to keep up with everything.  All the sketches and concepts i've been doing for others aren't really fully organized lately.  I usually check alot of art blogs for inspiration and i found this in my bookmarks from last year. This guy is very cool and had these leather tabs that go with the clips.  I don't have leather nor do i know how to do stuff with leather but i do love paper and stuff so instead i made it with paper instead.  I was also thinking of stitching the edges actually to make it look cooler but i don't know about that yet.  ^^

Well that's all for me for tonite i'll have more update son stuff soon ^^ PEACE AND LUV!


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