Makina galore!

So a little update on those artworks! I'm pretty much finished with the Love Draw piece, but now i've started with a commission piece.  It's done in a framed wood, pretty rough surface but it's good enough.  I'm trying some new stuff on this one hopefully it goes how i'm planning ^^.

So the new piece is called Glorious, still trying to figure out why but i'm sure it will work out ^^


Alicia Lee! said…
holy shit, the detail on that is amazing..

so where did you get the mini briefcase? i need me one, pronto!

lol, my blog won't always be about baked goods, so fear not. :P in fact, i plan to post up a salad recipe later on this week, haha.

i hardly ever draw anymore actually, i bet i really suck now. at work, i design everything i do on the computer. outside of work, i'm more into cooking, baking and photography now because they are practical, everyday forms of creating. it would be great to do some illustration again, but i'm very task-orientated, so unless i have a specific project to do... then yea. haha
Kimberly said…
Woah, nice!!! Finally finished it I see!

But yeah, Ifinally got around to adding you onto my blog ahaha....

anyways, i really like the design, it's pretty cool!

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