Travelbook for July!

So I have been pretty busy with a lot of artwork lately and i wanted to take a break from it for a few hours.  I thought about how close my travel date is and i decided to make a little travel book.  One where i could have an interchangeable pad and put my passport in.   I have to say it was pretty fun ^^ i had little problems executing my idea, i just had some problems making it look more super polished.  I am running out of material in terms of gold paper and stuff.  So i figured i would just use up whatever i have left, "use every part of the buffalo" as Brad Bird would say.

So now i have a pretty cool little travel book i can use, but now i'm thining of making a bunch of note pads with cool little looks.  All i really need is something that can create perforations.  Sometimes i hate how i get broke at certain times and i have no money to spend lol  Oh well i'll just see what i can do with what i have, which is alot hehe. I'm gonna put up artwork later on the day so PEACE AND LUV!


Alicia Lee said…
Is that a mini briefcase that holds business cards???

Anywhoo, sounds like AN was a blast as usual! Yeah I lost interest in anime after all the shows started getting meh. artist alley was always so much fun though, i miss it the whole buzz of the weekend and selling stuff. Strange how they are more unorganized now that they are bigger (I feel like they turned it into a more strict, "official" event, which is too bad because it looses some of that hole-in-the-wall appeal). You didn't sell any of your stuff there?

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