Sketch moments 03

Okay so i haven't been completely updating daily so this time i thought i would start a piece and show you guys what i did in 40mins ^^

I'm kinda liking his look so i might wanna use him as a boss for FireGrid i'm not quite sure yet.  but i do enjoy his helmet and his pose.

Things have been pretty good the game is going well as usual and we're also planning a couple of things for people to enjoy while we prepare wicked Content for DYVNation.

I'm not sure what you guys think of this but the guys have been really interested in making a podcast about games and about our projects.  Talk about Arts too and what not, what do you guys say? Would you listen to it? I would love to get your input on it because if so we're gonna set it up next week.

I have some footage of our DYVcolab project we started last week and i'm hoping to get some of that edited and cut for next week because we're doing day2 this coming sunday.  Maybe i could set up a live show thing maybe i'm not too sure about it yet.  Anyway I hope you guys have a great weekend PEACE AND LUV!


J.Ho said…
that looks pretty nice, but i reminds one of the knight in WKC on ps3

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