what'chu lookin at?

So okay i was lookin at some digital paintings and wanted to do one of a photograph but not paint on top of the photo. I haven't really done that before so i wanted to see how bad i can do so i can improve on it. In my opinion its pretty bad lol I always veer off the original photo and no i'm not gonna show the photo cause its really bad lol. I took away the colors cause i just luv black and white. I'm not really gonna pretend that i will do it in the future because my feelings just overflow when it comes to black and white. There's just something about it that makes me so happy lol. I think this took me about an hour or two i'm not sure. It was really fun but i wanna do better now, so i'll get the work out of the way then back to some more digital painting. Take care of urselves! PEACE AND LUV!


Sheila said…
very cool drawing. I'm going to have to learn how to do this computer stuff one of these days.
Madd Sketch said…
thnx Sheila! honestly its not that great to using the computer cause the sale value isn't as amazing as u would do an original painting. This is printable and it gives an uneasy feeling to some people about buying something for an expensive price.

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