I got passed my drama moment lol

Well You know what there's really nothing i can do but keep trying. I luv this picture cause its pretty much how we are when we go for coffee. It wasn't done cause my brother was outside and he came to pick us up while we were on the way. I was trying to pull out something in the moment.

I have been looking at the Studio's track record so far and i've found out that we're actually making a tiny bit of money on our website. Since i have stopped doing freelance work, I have been pushing really hard on the website content. I have been wanting on doing a art commission gig, where i just draw all kinds of stuff. The thing is i need to create some menu type of deal. I need to stipulate the types of work i'll want to be drawing. So after the pages of Chapter 2 then i'll head right for it.

I found the piece i was workin on where it had a giant robot rampaging a city, and there were tons of people trying to stop it. I talked to a friend of mine about it and inspired me to finish the piece before i go ahead with the other pieces. The only hope i have right now is to make 200-400bucks a month with the website weather its purchases or just visitor hits. I just need to make more content on the site so people can come and check them out. Anyway have a great week people! PEACE AND LUV!


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