This drawing makes me feel really happy. I kept hoping that he didn't move from her position so that i could capture it. She always loves to chill beside me while i draw and i only thought of drawing this moment now lol. I'd say that i wanna do more of this kind of stuff but honestly i'll just not do it if i set myself to do it.

I was thinking of a character that could be my Wolverine but i couldn't really see how to do it. So i later thought maybe i should draw Wolvie first and then i could think of something. I'll show the character in the comic when he shows up, hehe. I'm pretty close to finishing it now, hopefully i can get it done by the coming week. Peace and Luv everyone!


Red said…
yay I love Wolverine!! Can't wait to see your next work. Nice touch on the sketch of you and CoCo:)) very cute!!

Keep up the lovely work!!
Sheila said…
You have a really nice and fresh style. Keep up the good work!

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